Brand New Me

Brand New Me

Amanda’s nature of job requires to be very active and physical. Pursuing her dream as a dancer was never easy. After a long hectic day, the only thing she looks forward to is getting tucked in a cozy bed. 

Frequent tossing and turning in bed for hours and hours or just never settling into sleep, results in restless nights of sleep and an overall tired complexion the next day. Waking up early and getting ready for the day is a constant battle.

A close friend of Amanda’s recommended making a couple of changes in her lifestyle and one of which is swapping her regular bedding from cotton to silk as she noticed a significant difference not only in her sleep quality but also in the appearance of her skin and hair. 

( White Trousseau's Silk Pillowcases: 19momme & 22momme )

Intrigued with all the hype and benefits about silk, Amanda decided to invest in some good quality silk pillowcases to give it a try. 

Drifting away peacefully into slumber with uninterrupted sleep, Amanda could not agree more with the facts her friend told her – minimizes fine lines, leaves hair looking smooth and helps you get the best night sleep. Sleeping in silk sure does wonders to ensure a better sleep at night and with its cooling properties, silk makes it ideal for warmer climates especially in this tiny island.

“I used to have such a hard time falling asleep! Since then, I believe the silk pillowcase recommended by @heyitslia has guaranteed restful nights! I’m definitely going back to buy more! IMO they’re worth a splurge!”

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