how to find out if your silk is real or fake

Real Silk or Fake Silk? A Guide.

How do you know if your silk is genuine? 

How can we identify if a silk is real or fake? We're here to spill the secrets. 

There appears to be an increasing number of silk fabrics on the market but when customers wish to buy 100 percent natural silk for their homes or garments, they struggle making a decision when it comes to purchasing pure silk. There are a variety of methods for determining if a fabric is genuine silk or a synthetic man-made fabric that looks like silk. 

Silk is a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind fabric made from the cocoons produced by silkworms. White Trousseau is here to guide you on how to tell if your silk is genuine or just a silk in disguise!  



Before we begin, keep in mind that silk imitations are frequently marketed as'silky satin' or'silk-like.' Satin is not the same as silk, and vice versa. Satin is a weaving technique rather than a substance. Brands will manufacture a silk aesthetic (slinky and sparkly) with a'satin weave' using cheaper, artificial fiber and sell it as if it were real silk. That's actually quite devious.



It is the simplest way to distinguish genuine silk from other fabrics. Silk that is genuine and of good grade will always be more expensive. To the naked eye, synthetic fibers such as polyester can be produced to resemble real silk. Despite the fact that synthetic materials can be overpriced, low prices usually indicates that the fabric is NOT genuine silk. Producing real silk costs at least ten times as much as synthetics.



Other fabrics are not like silk lustre. It's glistening. Silk's gleaming appearance is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk strand, which allows silk material to refract incoming light at various angles, resulting in various hues. This "shot" effect creates a "shiny" surface that appears to change color as the angle of light falling on it varies. Regardless of the angle of the light, synthetic textiles shimmer white.



The contrast in appearance between real silk and its imitations is a dead giveaway. Silk has a shine that no other fabric can match, and it is unlike any other fabric.

The triangular prism-like structure of silk strands, which is prized for its shimmering features, not only causes it to shine but also allows it to reflect light in a variety of ways. This produces a multicoloured shine by refracting light from various angles to generate a variety of colors.

The material may appear to shimmer when made of synthetic fibers, but it is actually just gleaming white no matter what angle you look at it from.



Feel the smoothness of it with your hand. Silk items have a unique soft, waxy feel to them. When pressed on the product's surface, a pulling sensation is produced. If the product does not give you that smooth gliding sensation then you know it is not real silk.



burn test for silk.

This isn't a typical silk testing procedure! It is, however, a fairly conclusive test. White Trousseau offers a burn silk test for every purchase of our products to prove that our silk is 100% mulberry silk and not just any kind of silk that's out in the market. In addition to that, you receive a discount code as well for your next purchase!

A clump of silk yarn was extracted from the fabric edge and lighted with a match. The Silk bunch emits a soft glow as it burns slowly. It will first curl into a ball and emit a scent similar to that of burning human or bird hair. Then, after burning into the dark brown globular, it will be crushed into powder when you contact it. Finally, when it is removed from the flame, it immediately ceases to burn. The burning silk should have a similar odor to that of burning hair. (Both substances are primarily made up of a fibrous protein–fibroin in silk and keratin in hair.)




Not everything that glitters is gold, and not everything that shines is silk. When you realize how pleased certain brands are to dupe you for a fast money, spotting the fakes could be frustrating. 

Only 100 percent authentic exquisite grade silks are offered by White Trousseau. We want to make things that are as intentional and of pure quality made for you. Discover more about our products and may you always trust in silk!

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