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The Ultimate Silk Hair Care Products

What's the secret to silky, soft and luscious hair?

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Bad hair days are the worst. With the hustle and bustle of our busy city lives in Singapore, many of us just do not have the time or energy to spend hours perfecting our hair in the morning. But with the right products, you'll soon find that perfect hair days are not so hard to achieve after all!

Here are 4 amazing products for your hair that will change your hair routine forever.

1. Silk Scrunchies

silk scrunchie singapore

Photo by White Trousseau

Silk scrunchies may seem deceptively simple, but the results are spectacular. We've all experienced terrible scrunchies with unimpressive elasticity. Not to mention the short lifespan before they start becoming too loose to hold your hair up together in a ponytail!

And don't forget the pulls and tugs when you take them off. We know, deep down in your soul, you can hear your damaged hair strands crying out while you're trying your best to yank off that stubborn scrunchie.

It's not too late to save your hair! What your hair needs is a silk scrunchie. Smooth, soft and gentle on your hair, silk scrunchies are built to last. Take a look at White Trousseau's silk scrunchies.

thick silk scrunchie singapore
Photo by White Trousseau

Made with strong elastic bands, there's no hair type that this little beauty can't hold together! With silk scrunchies, you lessen the painful pulls and tugs, allowing your scalp and hair strands to relax. The slippery smooth texture of silk also lets your hair glide over uninterrupted, causing fewer tangles and knots!

Now, isn't this a dream? 

2. Silk headbands

silk headband singapore
Photo by White Trousseau

These days, face masks are all the rage when it comes to skincare routines. In this case, headbands are the usual go-to when we need to get our hair out of our faces. After all, our skin can only flourish if it's left untouched. But it's difficult to find a good quality headband made of the right material. If you purchase a headband made from cotton or synthetic fabric, chances are you're doing your hair more harm than intended. 

Materials like cotton and synthetic fabrics are prone to friction, meaning your hair may very easily experience breakage from the excessive tugging when you wear these headbands. 

The best solution for you is a silk headband, like this one from White Trousseau.

silk headband singapore

Photo by White Trousseau

White Trousseau's twist silk headbands are made to perfection - plus, with the little twist at the end, you're opting for comfort and elegance all in one! Just like silk scrunchies, silk headbands have no friction against your hair, which means there's no way you can pull and damage your hair strands!

Silk is extremely soft and kind to your hair, so much so that with prolonged use of silk headbands, you can kiss hair tangles, damage and breakage goodbye!

3. Silk hair turbans

silk hair turban singapore
Photo by White Trousseau

Other than overnight skincare, overnight hair care is also a common nightly routine! From leave-in serums, conditioners, oils and hair masks, you're going to need more than just a flimsy plastic hair cover to protect your hair with at night when you go to sleep.

Hair turbans are definitely a great alternative to this, but the material of your hair turban is vital if you want to ensure your hair is absorbing all the goodness from your hair mask. Materials like cotton or synthetic fabrics are something you should stay away from as these materials tend to soak up all the product and moisture from your hair.

The perfect solution to this is silk hair turbans! White Trousseau's silk hair turban is a great example of rewarding your hair with the perfect treatment. With silk's natural properties, the buttery fabric will not absorb any product from your hair. This means your hair will get the best of the nutrients from your hair routine!

silk hair turban singapore
Photo by White Trousseau

White Trousseau's silk hair turban was also made with big, beautiful curls in mind. So no matter how unmanageable you think your hair is, this one-size-fits-all silk turban can handle anything! 

4. Silk pillowcases

silk pillowcase singapore
Photo by White Trousseau

As they say, leave the best for last. Our bodies heal and repair themselves at night when we're sound asleep, and this is exactly why you need to purchase the right pillowcase.

Not only does your pillowcase affect your hair's health, but it also affects your skin! Sleep with the wrong pillowcase and you'll find yourself fighting a losing battle with skin irritation, acne, bumps and other skin problems. You'll soon discover that your hair will also start showing signs of damage, like hair loss, greasiness or dryness, tangles and breakage. 

Your best bet in solving this will be purchasing a silk pillowcase, just like this silk pillowcase from White Trousseau!

silk pillowcase singapore
Photo by White Trousseau

Unlike cotton, polyester or other synthetic fabrics, silk doesn't soak up any product. This includes oil and moisture, leaving both your skin and hair moisturised. As mentioned before, silk is as smooth as butter, which allows you to move against your pillow without causing any pulls against your delicate skin and hair.

Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it very unlikely for you to have any allergic reactions! Silk's hypoallergenic properties mean it's also resistant to dust mites, mold and mildew. After all, you deserve a safe haven to sleep in, and only silk can promise you that refuge.

Treat your hair with the best luxury products without breaking the bank

With these 4 silk hair care products, you'll soon be the talk of the town with your luscious, healthy locks! Invest in these products and watch your quality of life change tremendously from just one small change in your everyday hair routine.

Perhaps the only missing piece left for your beauty transformation is to treat your body to White Trousseau's silk pyjama set to fully immerse yourself into a world where the best kind of sleep awaits.

Or maybe you'd like to start looking into products for your face like White Trousseau's best-selling silk face masks and eye masks? The options are endless, and it's up to you to make the right choice by switching to silk. When you do choose the luxury of silk, we'll be waiting right here with welcoming arms.

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