Jewelry Care Instructions

  • by Tessa Ong

Jewelry Care

Our jewelries are sourced and curated to be affordable. Our products go through quality check. The WT team will conduct quality check for each and every product before mailing them out to you ensuring their quality.

S925 silver and 18K gold studs are softer in nature, hence, if you receive the studs with a slight bend, it is not considered as defective. Please do bend them back lightly. 

Please avoid water and perfumes to have direct contact with your accessories as these substances may cause corrosion easily. Store your jewelries in cool dry container, away from the sunlight when not in use.

It is recommended to store daggling earrings and necklaces separately with other accessories to prevent unnecessary scratching and tangling. It is a good practice to polish your jewelries with a soft cloth frequently. 


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