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This totally got me into silk!

I've heard many great things about WT's silk masks and decided to try it out. Given its 100% pure mulberry silk, the price point is fantastic. I
stopped having breakouts on my chin area, which was what I had experienced with regular masks. Wearing this, I'm able to breathe so much better now! I got mine in Charcoal and I'm thinking to get another in Almond since the colour is so pretty.

Well priced and bestest thing since the pandemic started.

This is the best mask ever and most brands sell their silk masks way more expensive. I stopped having maskne and I can breathe better. My job requires me to talk a lot during presentations and wearing this helps tremendously. I just ordered a second one to keep just in case I lose the first one!

Best masks ever!

These are the best masks I have bought.They are in high silk quality. All of my colleagues in my office are wearing them now too. I wouldn't order from anywhere else now.

Super good quality face mask

Got my first silk mask and I’m super impressed by the quality! Been having sensitive skin and this mask is a saviour! Soft on the skin, breathable and very very comfortable even when wearing for the whole day.

Love this collection!

Super love it!!! I used to prefer the normal shape looking mask and was abit skeptical about this but when I first tried it, I was totally sold! Super soft and comfy and most importantly, my face look so much sharper really a V shape!!

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