Our Story


About Founder

Lirong, the founder of White Trousseau is one of the most coveted celebrity stylists on the fashion scene.

She has styled numerous celebrities over her 10 years in the fashion industry, her clientele includes JJ Lin, Eddie Peng, Olivia Ong, Jesseca Liu, Jeremy Chan, Lawrence Wong, Rui En, Chen Li Ping, Romeo Tan, Li Nanxing, Rebecca Lim, Fann Wong, Kit Chan and many more... The search of a perfect outfit for clients was never easy.


Designers gowns are often unreachable due to their high-price. Lirong aspired to establish a one-stop station for women to not only feel confident and beautiful,  but also to enjoy a hassle-free experience in finding the perfect dress at an accessible price point. Thus, in 2018, White Trousseau was born.  


Our Story

In 2020, the Covid-19 outbreak significantly halted events and weddings. Adjusting to life during a pandemic brought about various challenges.  The founder, Lirong was experiencing consistent breakouts on her lower face from wearing surgical masks. 

Taking these changes in stride, White Trousseau shifted its focus to accessories.  Keeping true to our original mission to make every woman feel confident and beautiful, Lirong took a leap of faith and venture out to a wide range of accessories such as silk masks, pillowcases, pyjamas, and other products including home decor and jewellery. 

After thorough 
research, she decided to introduce White Trousseau’s current best-seller, 100% Mulberry Silk Masks to tackle mask acne.

With this big transition, White Trousseau has transformed into a one-stop solution for women. 

A brand new White Trousseau was born in 2021.

100% White Trousseau Mulberry Silk

Silk are usually unreachable due to its expensive price. After coming across that silk is a beauty secret among her celebrities friends, celebrity hairstylists, dermatologists and beauty experts, Lirong aims to bring silk at an affordable price. 

Our raison d'etre is to introduce 100% mulberry silk pillowcases at democratic prices and in an increasingly sustainable manner. Silk pillowcases are a natural anti-ageing product to invest in. For those who like to try them out, but finds it too expensive, they are now able to enjoy the luxury with an affordable price tag.

White Trousseau have a range of pillowcases to choose from. For a good beauty upgrade routine, Lirong would suggest new silk users to try on the 19momme first before upgrading to the 22momme.

Product Personalization

Our product personalization are specially curated. Nothing says I love you, happy birthday, thank you, I appreciate you or treat yourself better than a personalization. From brides to bosses and birthday gifts from best friends, White Trousseau offers bespoke embroidery to make your purchase go that extra mile.

What does “White Trousseau” mean?

The word “trousseau” originated from French, means clothing, and other belongings collected by a bride for her marriage. Lirong strongly believes in women expressing themselves through fashion.