Invisairpad Super Push up Bra
Invisairpad Super Push up Bra
Invisairpad Super Push up Bra
Invisairpad Super Push up Bra

Invisairpad Super Push up Bra

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  • Invisible Push Up Air Bra adjustable pumping air pad with reusable adhesive wings creating a natural and increase your cup sizes in just few presses! 
  • Featuring no straps and clear sides so you can go bare with confidence
  • Create killer cleavage or perfect solution for your strapless and backless dresses or wedding gown
  •  A softer, lighter definition of freedom.
  • Available Sizes: B Cup, C Cup
  • Materials: Nylon Spandex TPU
  • Please refer to picture below for measurement details
  • Simply press on the bra to inflate to your ideal bust size
  • Nude Colour

A safe and effective way to enlarge your bust line

What’s in it for you? 
Necessity in every woman’s wardrobe for various occasions use

A push-up bra is known to be the type of female undergarment made to lift the busts and give them a rounder shape, thus creating a bold statement of self-esteem and body confidence. Today, myiMart has got something even better compared to the conventional push-up bra for you, the revolutionary Miss Double Air Pad Bra! The brand new technology is a safe and effective to enlarge your bust line without the need of operations or injections to upgrade your cup size. Simply press on the button to inflate to your ideal bust size, the result will impress you right away! Grab yours now because the Miss Double Air Pad Bra is a must have necessity for every woman. 

How to use: 

Step 1: Attach adhesive stickers to both sides of the bra.
Step 2: Press the bulging button on the inner side of the bra. You should see the pad gradually filling up each time you press the button.
Step 3: Remove the plastic sheets from the adhesives of both sides.
Step 4: Bend 45 degrees to your front, hold the middle of the bra and fit to both breasts.
Step 5: Put your right arm across the bra for support. Use your left hand and hold the left adhesive. Pull the adhesive slightly upwards and paste it on your body. Do the same for the other side. 
Step 6: You may now control the push up by pressing the air pump button. 
To release air, press the top button that is found at the top of the air pump, in the inner side of the bra