Celebrating Women's Day 2022

Celebrating Women's Day 2022

International Women's Day takes place on the 8th of March. This year's International Women's Day Theme is all about breaking gender equality #breakthebias. We celebrate the successes of women and women's right around the world by supporting women-owned business, our girlfriends, our mother, sisters and women that inspires us and uplifts us. 

As we know many businesses are widely affected by the entire pandemic causing a lot of business owners to put their careers to a halt especially among women who are entrepreneurs. Up until now, women are deemed to remain dramatically underrepresent and looked down in positions of leadership, significantly in male-dominated industries. 


Surround yourself with women who uplifts and support each other. 

We've selected the most exceptional ladies and the incredible work that has led to their successes to commemorate the achievements and contributions of all women on International Women's Day. Women are known for breaking down barriers and setting the way for future generations of remarkable women. There's a lot to learn about everything from beginning a home-based business to managing a large team. Women are no strangers when it comes to the world of business.


Every small business faces difficulties, yet these difficulties are a necessary part of development and growth. All around the world women are beginning to start their own businesses while handling other commitments. In this year’s International Women’s Day campaign we have gathered women who are entrepreneurs that had led them to where they are now. Featuring Savina Chow, Li Rong and Shannon Goh who runs their own business in the beauty world with a mission that empowers women.  

Today, we live in a world surrounded with mompreneurs. Whereby educated women raise their children while generating income as entrepreneurs. We know how busy family obligations are and so finding a balance between work life and private life is quite a challenge while caring the needs of their children and family. Cheryl Wee is one of the inspiring women we came across as a mompreneur, juggling multiple roles all at once is a tough challenge but that doesn't stop her from being optimistic in life.

We want to show that women can do and be whatever they want as this year's theme is about breaking gender equality. We like to represent Oon Shu An, an actress, and Wanting, a banker, who are two women that puts an emphasize on the word "female" in male-dominated fields. Promoting women to positions of leadership has a significant impact on the industry, since younger girls look up to them as role models. 

In the wake of COVID, we believe that many more bright women will lead and inspire us to be a good role model across all industries, encouraging and standing up to help in building equal rights. #breakthebias

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