Why Should You Wear A Silk Face Mask?

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With the pandemic prompting everyone to wear a face mask at all times when we're out and about, you're bound to hear some horror stories of maskne (mask...

Sleep basics 101

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Sleep is for the weak? More like sleep is for a week, am I right? In this post, Daphne reflects on her relationship with sleep and shares what’s...

Say bye bye to maskne with this!

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Car keys, wallet, bag and wait - you almost forgot your mask! Since Covid-19 really hit our shores last April, we've been wearing these masks daily for a...

Tips and tricks to extend the life of our packages

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We are here to promote sustainable living We’re working to find ways to prosper on our planet and use its resources more sustainably – in a way that...

Mother's Day Gift Guide and Giveaway!

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Struggling with deciding what to give your mum for this Mother's day? Here's a last minute guide to all the practical yet stylish gifts to lavish her with!

Empowered Women, Power Women (#ChooseToChallenge)

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Every challenge is an opportunity for a change. Let’s all choose to challenge today, be the empowered woman that powers women.

Things You Need to Know About Mulberry Silk

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Things You Need to Know About Mulberry Silk Why Mulberry Silk? Mulberry Silk is the highest grade of silk you can find in the market. So, what makes...

Benefits of mulberry silk masks

by Tessa Ong on

Your search for pretty, comfortable and breathable mask has ended right here with White Trousseau.