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What our customers love about us...

Hi @Whitetrousseau, 

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart! You guys are divine!! As a dancer, the nature of my job requires me to be very active and physical. On top of that, i am pursuing my higher education in Dance. 

At night, I would find it so hard to fall asleep! I think the silk pillow case recommended by @ohhowstrange; Kimberly has given me restful nights since my Birthday! I opened it on my birthday as a treat! I'm definitely buying more!! And recommending it to my friends and colleagues! <3 God Bless!! 

by @lnilyre

thought i'd flex my @whitetrousseau mulberry silk mask. So soft fits so good with adjustable straps and all! I love it!

by @rchlwngx

Wah popular leh your masks! Cause I've been having breakouts from my mask-wearing and I read that your mask is suitable for acne prone skin so I wanted to buy! 

by @theroycelee

THE MASK IS SO SOFT AND SILKY! btw mulberry silk prevents overheating and reduces bacterial growth!

by @bonnieloo94

Wearing my @whitetrousseau almond ice cream silk mask today and i really love the fit. It is also genius to have the wire at the nose area for a better fit! 

by @savoirsam

very gentle on the skin (i have really sensitive skin) and lightweight so i ordered a bundle of 8 for my family @whitetrousseau 

by @cathchiam

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We're proud to be featured in...

"promises anti-ageing and a chance to minimise maskne, White Trousseau's gentle mask comes with adjustable ear loops and a thin nose-bridge clasp for a more comfortable fit."

Vogue Singapore

"轻盈透气, 最适合敏感性肤质“


"if your skin is more reactive, you'd be glad to know that this fabric is hypoallergenic"

The Singapore Women's Weekly

"The Essential Kit Scrunchies,共有流行的黑色、香槟色和粉色项圈,可轻柔又稳妥地束起秀发,不会让你的发丝缠绕打结。"

Icon Singapore

Verdict. The White Trousseau reusable silk mask
feels really soft and comfortable and doesn't irritate or pull at the
skin at all. The size generally fits both men and women. The shape of
the mask offers enough coverage and is easily adjustable with the rubber stoppers and elastic straps.



Malaysia & South Korea:  8 SGD

Rest of the world: 20 SGD

Delivery Time: 1-3 working days within Singapore, 2-3 weeks for International orders.