Father’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

Father’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

Dad doesn’t want another pair of shoes, ties or card this year!

Being a father was never an easy job, our fathers have made many sacrifices and had struggles throughout their entire journey as a father. They chose to suffer in silence, to provide you with the best within their abilities. Make this coming Father’s day an extra special day for him. 

This year, White Trousseau has put together 4 luxurious and considerate gift ideas, so that you can easily convey your heartfelt message to your dad! *ahem... and to be crowned as the best child*

Special Father’s day set

As restrictions start to ease and the economy is reopening, work can be really stressful as competition in various industries surge. So for this year’s Father’s day, we want to prepare a special gift for all the fathers who have worked hard during this difficult time with a luxurious gift.  

Dads don’t have to wait for vacations to enjoy the comfort and luxury of a hotel bed. For this upcoming Father’s day, we have put together a few of our best selling products to create a Father’s day gift set at a discounted price of $158 (Usual: $200). Now, our dads get to enjoy the softness and silkiness of a hotel bed everyday!  

Besides a good night’s sleep, this gift set includes a 19 momme Sleep Eye Mask which is a necessity for travelling dads. Those business trips or long haul flights can be exhausting and uncomfortable. With an eye silk mask, your dad can sleep without worrying about the interference of sunlight when the window (shades) are up. 

Fun facts about our silk products:

  • If your dad is waking up and complaining about how the heat is affecting his sleep, our silk pillowcase and eye mask is super breathable and it keeps you cool throughout the night
  • Does your heart ache every time you see a new wrinkle form on your dad’s face? And every wrinkle reminds you of how much your dad has aged. Well, our silk products are great for preventing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Another great benefit silk brings is their ability to retain moisture in your hair and skin. Making this a great gift for dads because they refuse to invest in skin and hair care products. 
  • Silk is a natural hypoallergenic material which is suitable for all skin types. If your dad is suffering from any skin condition and causing sleep troubles, silk can help lessen the irritations. 
  • Silk is softer and smoother than your regular cotton pillowcases. It prevents unnecessary friction between your skin and the material. Giving your dad a luxurious hotel experience that he deserves. 
  • Help your dad save more time when it comes to hairstyling. With silk, your dad will have an easier time combing their hair because silk prevents frizz, hair loss and tangles.


  • 2 x 19 momme Pure Silk Pillowcase | Navy
  • 1 x 19 momme Pure Silk Sleep Eye Mask | Navy
  • 1 x Ice Cream 100% Organic Mulberry Silk Face Mask | Blue Moon

Pamper him (Coffee)

If your dad has a rather simple lifestyle and doesn’t want their kids to splurge too much on them for Father’s day. Well, look no further. The “Pamper Him (coffee)” set is a perfect gift for dads who appreciate quality sleep but like it simple. It has the basics to improve your dad’s sleep performance significantly. A luxurious gift specially curated for a man who bravely bore the weight of the world on his shoulder just for you to see the beauty in life. 

To express your gratitude for your dad’s nobility, treat him like a king in these 100% mulberry silk products. With these products, your dad will fall into a silky-dreamland in seconds and experience a long awaited restful sleep. This gift set contains our best-selling silk eye masks and silk pillowcases that are gentle on all skin types with numerous benefits for your dad to indulge in. 


    • 1 x 19 momme Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask
    • 1 x 19 momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

    Liam Pure Silk Shorts


    The coolest silk boxer shorts for a cool dad. Is your dad suffering from the unbearable heatwave? With the increasing temperature, your dad is probably sweating buckets. Our pure silk short is a great gift for dad’s who can’t tolerate the heat well and needs a short that can relieve him from that torture.

    Time to time, you need to buy your dad some apparels because they will not buy it themselves even when holes on their clothes are clearly visible. If your dad is living with a certain skin condition and due to the discomfort, he is limited to certain fabric/material. Then you will be glad I brought this up. Silk can be described as an all natural material with hypoallergenic and anti-fungal properties. Basically, those with any medical skin conditions, silk improves and prevents skin irritations. Due to the smoothness of the fabric, there is less friction and lesser friction means lesser abrasions. Now, your dad gets to lounge in luxury and comfort.  


      • Made of 100% pure mulberry silk
      • Relaxed fit
      • Elasticated waist
      • Recommended for sensitive skin
      • Cooling for humid weather in Singapore

      KF94 Silk Mask

      For dads that need to work remotely at the office, wearing disposable masks for many hours can be stuffy and uncomfortable. So for a new and of course, better change, KF94 silk mask is an excellent gift choice for hard working dads. Why is this a great gift for dad? Because some dads would appreciate a thoughtful and functional gift, considering a mask is a daily necessity for everyone. With our KF94 mask, your dad will get the best of both worlds - luxurious silky comfort and class!

      Not to mention that this is a great alternative for dads traveling on long haul flights or business trips. KF94 pure silk mask is the most comfortable mask you can find on the market. Dad can sleep on flights with their mask on and wake up without sleep lines or the discomfort of the mask compressing down on their face. This mask was carefully designed so that you will not lose sleep, worrying about your dad's safety and health because the KF94 mask was specifically designed to provide extra protection

      Our KF94 silk mask comes with side flaps and a filter slot, with a v-shape beak style contour and adjustable band around the bridge of the nose to give you more breathing room! This means you won't be bothered when the mask sticks to your mouth and hinder the delivery of your speech. Now, you can speak with ease and clarity! Needless to say, this design is great for specs wearers!

      Originated in Korea, KF94 design stands for:

      KF = Korean Filter

      94 = 94% filtration efficiency 

      If your dad has sensitive or acne prone skin, 100% Mulberry Silk face mask is the key to having healthy and maskne-free skin. Due to the silk's natural properties, the chances of bacteria-growth and getting it on your skin is slim. Apart from that, our silk mask is UPF 50+ certified with UV protection


      • Suitable for sensitive skin
      • Keeps you dry
      • Discourage microbial growth
      • Reduce allergic reactions
      • Prevents overheating
      • Minimise mask acne
      • Lightweight and breathable

      Dads are shy too, they want to feel special and appreciated. So don't hesitate, get your dad our Father's day gift set and give him the proper rest he needs!

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