Maskne Free

Maskne Free

Struggling with “maskne” or constant breakouts from your regular face mask? 

Amidst the pandemic, the use of face masks has been a staple in our everyday lives now to protect us against the coronavirus, at least for most parts of the world where masks are made compulsory. 

Studies have shown that silk is the most effective at preventing little droplets from entering the masks compared to cotton and polyester. As we know, silk is known for its special properties that contain amino acids, which means its natural fibers are gentle and beneficial for your delicate skin and hair. 

We have received several positive comments about how our silk face masks have improved the quality of their skin’s appearance! Our silk masks are made of 100% mulberry silk and designed perfectly under this humid climate on a daily basis with comfort and quality! 

It is effective to say that silk masks are definitely recommended for acne-prone and sensitive skin types! Swap your regular face masks into Silk and make a change in protecting your skin. Maskne isn’t inevitable! So by making a few changes in your daily routine could make a difference to your skin.
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