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“Trousseau” is a french word referring to the clothing and other belongings collected by a bride for her marriage. Our founder, Li Rong strongly believes in women expressing themselves through fashion.  


Through her years of experience as a fashion stylist for numerous celebrities in Singapore’s fashion industry, our founder, Li Rong saw an opportunity to make luxurious designer gowns accessible to all women.  Thus, in 2018, White Trousseau was established as a one-stop shop for women to not only feel confident and beautiful, but also to enjoy a hassle-free experience in finding the perfect dress at an accessible price point.


However, the Covid-19 outbreak significantly halted events and weddings. Adjusting to life during a pandemic brought about various challenges.  Li Rong was experiencing consistent breakouts on her lower face from wearing surgical masks. After thorough research, Li Rong decided to introduce White Trousseau’s current best-seller, 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Masks to tackle mask acne. 

So taking these changes in stride, 2021 saw a new beginning for White Trousseau! Keeping true to our original mission to make every woman feel confident and beautiful, Li Rong took a leap of faith and ventured out to a wide range of accessories such as silk masks, pillowcases, pyjamas, and other products including home accessories. 

After discovering significant beauty benefits of Mulberry silk, she went on to research, develop and create the best silk pillowcases, which are the perfect beauty tool to compliment the beauty routine of even those with the most sensitive skin.  It feels like a second skin against the body and provides significant beauty benefits. Our key products are silk pillowcases with their smooth surface are very delicate for your skin and the hair. Our silk is dermatological approved and provides significant beauty benefits. 

Sleeping on silk pillowcase will help you extend your hairstyle and your eyelash extensions. It is also a perfect way to keep your curls in good condition, leaving hair frizz-free and hydrated! For your healthy, glowing skin, beautiful hair & more every morning! 

We have created products as intentionally and consciously and we invite you to try them out for yourselves today! Shop here. 


Read more about our founder, Li Rong, here!  


Real silk only! Certified by OEKO TEX®

Certificate by OEKO-TEX®