4 Must Have Items When You Travel

4 Must Have Items When You Travel

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, aviation sales dropped significantly and airports in many countries were silent. Today, borders are opening up and planes are finally taking off. Singaporeans were flocking to Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints to enjoy some shopping, dining or a short vacation in Malaysia. Of course, some of you have booked air tickets and can’t wait to take a whiff of the airplane cabin's smell.
Travelling on airplanes or cars is all fun until you start to lose feeling in your butt, your neck is stiff and you start to wiggle in your seat to find the most comfortable position. And because of all these issues, you are having a hard time falling asleep.
No worries, at White Trousseau, we can fix that for you. We have finally released our very own travel essential set. This will be your only solution to combat sleep troubles when you are travelling. 

Travel Essential Set | Blush Pink

Finally!!! A much needed travel set to help our fellow travellers to sleep better and comfortably! Our travel essential set consists of 4 items and in 3 colour variations, blush pink, charcoal and navy blue. Wonder why we have selected these items for the travel set? 

Well, according to Zeitzer, an associate psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor at Stanford University, he said that an eye mask and some music with a noise cancelling headphone is super effective for immersing yourself in your comfort zone. He also mentioned that you need to give yourself some breathing room. Which brings us back to the White Trousseau set, why is it an essential? 

First of all, we have included our best-selling 100% mulberry silk eye mask.

Eye masks are a necessity to shield your eyes from natural and artificial light. With the eye mask, you can’t see your neighbouring passengers when you open your eyes. Trust us, this is an important factor because you basically trick your brain into thinking that you’re alone and in your own space which helps you get better sleep on flights.  

Our eye masks are made of 100% mulberry silk, it keeps you cool and it is light on your skin. Silk prevents wrinkles and retains moisture thus your skin won’t dry out when you’re on a plane. 

Secondly, Ice-Cream 100% Organic Mulberry Silk Face Mask with Filter

A basic necessity to keep you and others safe. As Zeitzer said, you need breathing space. White Trousseau Ice cream mask is super breathable and comfortable! Also, it prevents your skin from drying out and breaking out!

Thirdly, Mulberry Silk Scrunchie 

A hair tie that keeps your hair away from your face and at the same time maximising silk benefits for your hair! Best of all, our silk scrunchie is anti-static! To all the ladies out there who suffer from static hair when you are on planes. The only way to tackle static hair is to replace your hair ties with our silk scrunchie. This is because when you’re on planes, due to the altitude, temperature is lower and the air is dryer which is the reason for your static hair. Therefore, silk scrunchie is the best solution as it retains moisture and reduces friction. 

Last but not least, a Black Silk Pouch

To keep your precious silk goodies in one pouch!

Travellers, it's time to gear up! Get your travel essential kit now and reward yourself with a quality sleep!

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