Knitwear Style Guide for 2022

Knitwear Style Guide for 2022

Knitwear is such an icon throughout the history of fashion. Ever since the discovery of knitting as early as the 5th century, the fashion industry has pumped out so many memorable pieces. We have knitted tops, cardigans, sweaters, trousers and many more. Till today, knitwear is still a fashion statement and many high-end fashion brands still produce their own collection of knitwear. 

Thus said, White Trousseau would also like to hop on the fashion trend and release our very own knitwear, the Becca Knit Set. 

Becca Knit Set

Perfect for lounging with elegance and class, Becca knitwear set was designed to create a slight loose fit. Earthy tone for a calming and yet warmy vibe. The long sleeve top comes with a collar and deep v-neck cut. A wide leg trousers with adjustable drawstring.

The Becca Knit Set is made for lounging but designed for world exploration. Life is beautiful, it is filled with endless possibilities so if you want to wear your loungewear or PJs as a casual outfit, just wear it, BE THE TREND!

As the Becca Knit Set design is simple, there is much more space for creativity and for you to try out different type of styles. To help you out a little, we have provided you with a few cute and trendiest outfit ideas!

Outfit 1: Lounge

Outfit 1 is specially curated for all those who enjoys the little things in life and loves to lounge in class. We have included our charcoal scent diffuser and interior oil because who lounges without a soothing scent to set the mood? On the plus side, you don’t have to change to another set of comfortable PJs after an instagram picture or instagram story because there is nothing more comfortable then this combo. 
Outfit 2: Casual 
Outfit 2 is dedicated to all our fashionistas out there! Show your confidence, wear our Becca Knit Set and walk the streets of Singapore in style. A minimalistic look with a twist of  sophistication. Both the mask and scrunchie are basic necessities, face mask is still needed to protect yourself and others. Scrunchie, what more can I say, you need this to keep hair away from your face and give you the most perfect messy hair bun look!
Get the Becca Knit Set now and make the streets of Singapore your runway!
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