The Truths About Silk

The Truths About Silk

Learn about the good bits of our silk products! The most luxurious yet timeless fabric! We want something that feels good yet gives us the ultimate comfort! You probably have heard the benefits of silk everywhere and it's magic. But what exactly is the hype about silk?

If you didn’t know, silk contains amino acids also known as “silk protein” which are obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm. They may not be the most adorable creatures but they are the reasons why they produce all the good benefits of silk.

Silk is a lot more durable and gentle on the skin compared to cotton, which causes tugging on your skin creating more friction and damage. But nothing beats silk when it comes to strength and its great advantages. With the rich nutrients found in silk, you treat both your skin and hair with these wonderful benefits: Reduced fine lines, eliminate the signs of aging, preserve moisture in hair and skin and as well as treating the damage in your delicate follicles. 

So what is our beauty sleep secret? Alright, we’ll spill it… Silk Pillowcases! A simple beauty essential hack for better skin and hair, as well as a good night’s sleep. Lay your sleepyhead on this soft and smooth fabric along with our silk eye masks and get tucked away into the darkest nights of your sleep. Trust us, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning! Here only at White Trousseau, our silk products are naturally crafted from 100% mulberry silk designed to give you the best comfort yet luxuriously affordable

Before you think about making a purchase of this luxurious fabric, just be cautious when you shop for silk fabrics! Satin is silk in disguise! You don’t want to feel like you’re sleeping in tissue paper or feel like your skin is suffocated in it. Our range of silk products comes in two grades of mulberry, 19 momme being the thinnest and 22 momme being the thickest. This just comes down to the choice of silk you prefer but most silk are made breathable and lightweight Because of its insulation properties, this makes it ideal for the summer. Our range of silk face masks would make an excellent fashion piece in the heat of the summer, and on top of that, if you suffer from sensitive skin or acne, silk is the best option as it is gentle on the skin and wouldn’t clog your pores. 

Here at White Trousseau, we want the best for our silk lovers, providing the significant beauty benefits, an effortless beauty treatment that you can incorporate in your daily routine! Are you sold on the benefits of silk yet? You'll notice a difference in the quality of your sleep, hair, and skin when you switch to silk.

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