10 habits of perfect skin girls

10 habits of perfect skin girls

These days, the global trend of "pristine" or "perfect" skin has become a hot topic. But is there a way without doing unnecessary 30 skincare routine steps? Here's a list of 10 secrets to adopt.



1) Use a Silk Eye Mask.

It's priceless to wake up rejuvenated after a restful night's sleep, since it prepares you for the day ahead. For others, this may be difficult to do, and a silk sleep eye mask may be just what they need. Silk eye masks can help improve the health of your skin in addition to providing a better night's sleep.
Wrinkles can be avoided with the use of silk eye masks.

The sensitive skin around our eyes is more prone to creasing, therefore it's crucial to take additional care of it. Tossing and tossing in bed can cause tugging and pulling around the eyes, so a silk eye mask is ideal since it protects the skin and avoids wrinkles and surface wrinkling around the eyes and above the brow.


2) Ice your face

Yes, you read that right! There are a variety of rejuvenating skincare procedures that can help you improve your skin's appearance and health. Skin icing, which involves laying ice on your skin to gain the effects of a cooling agent, is one of the simpler yet more effective ways. Ice therapy performed at regular intervals can improve your skin and face in a variety of ways. If you're wondering how often you should use this procedure on your face, try once every two days or once every day.

Skin icing has grown in popularity in recent years as a natural, inexpensive, and simple skincare procedure that can deliver a variety of advantages to the skin. These advantages range from treating acne to lowering puffiness around the eyes. Ice helps to tighten your pores, make your skin feel smooth and help with early morning puffiness. You can submerge your face in ice water or use an ice cube. After that, you can continue your daily makeup routine and experience the benefits!

 ice face

3) Use the Right Products for Various Skin Types

This is key and can affect your skin drastically. They include normal, dry, oily and combination skin. Remember that skin type is determined by genetics so don't sweat on it. Just ensure that you buy the right products and your face will thank you. Finding the best skincare products with the perfect components for your skin requires a personalised approach. This takes a little more effort, and yes, reading the ingredients list is required, but it's well worth it.

Skin type is the most significant aspect in selecting which skincare products would work best for you, according to cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, MD. "There aren't inherently harmful products," Dr. Green explains, "but people with different skin types occasionally use the wrong product for their type of skin."

Those with acne-prone and sensitive skin, as you may have suspected, need to be more cautious while using different substances in their skincare products. You, the oily skin types, are the real winners here: Oily skin can tolerate a larger range of substances than other skin types, which might cause breakouts or discomfort.


4) Hydrate yourself

If you've fallen behind on your hydration (or never drank a lot of water in the first place), now is the time to get back on track. After all, it's just before summer, and when the temperature warms up, you'll naturally become thirstier.

It's a personal task worth taking on. "Because our bodies are made up of around 60% water, even little dehydration can have a negative impact on how we function, from energy levels to digestion and even immunity," explains Lisa Moskovitz, RD, founder of the New York Nutrition Group in New York City. Staying hydrated can also help your body absorb nutrients and keep your digestive tract regular, according to Moskovitz.

Always keep something fresh with you, and make it a glass of plain water. Dry, dehydrated skin is prone to wrinkles and fine surface lines due to shrinkage of cells in the top layer of the skin. Help your skin to remain healthy and well hydrated from the inside by consuming enough water from the food and drink in your diet. 


5)  Swap out to silk products

The softness and smoothness of silk helps to minimize friction between your skin and the pillow. With less friction, your skin will not crease as your face brush against the pillowcase. Maskne is also an issue that is quite prevalent due to the irritability of the martial of disposable masks. Silk as a fabric helps you retain moisture and natural oils that would otherwise be drained by more absorbent textiles, leaving your skin dry and lifeless. Silk fibers are naturally breathable, and their smooth silky texture protects and maintains your hair soft, moisturized, and tangle-free.

This is why the switch to silk is key. Experience the benefits of silk with White Trousseau!



6)  Silk face masks are the new

Silk face masks have been shown in studies to successfully repel aerosol particles, such as those with Covid-19. Silk face masks are efficient at keeping out COVID-19-containing droplets while still being gentle on the skin. Another advantage of silk face covers over surgical face masks is that they can be cleaned and reused. Silk also has electrostatic characteristics, which means it is positively charged, according to Guerra. Small particles adhere to the outer silk layer of a face mask due to the positive charge, and these particles do not pass through the fabric. Because of the copper in silk, it also possesses antiviral and antibacterial characteristics, according to Guerra.

Not only do you stay protected but stylish as well! Check out our collection of face masks.

7)  Beauty sleep is real

"You look tired"

You could say I didn't get my "beauty sleep," (defined as "sleep before midnight, thought to be important for one's beauty" and "any extra sleep" according to Dictionary.com), but what I most likely didn't get was a good night's sleep, period.

What is it about sleep that helps our skin seem better, and why does sleep deprivation have such a negative impact on not only how we feel, but also how we look, particularly our faces?

Sleep is like dipping into a 'fountain of youth' every night. While we are most aware of the effects of inadequate sleep on our faces, severe sleep deprivation can have an impact on our appearance from head to toe. "Sleep deprivation causes accelerated aging. This is because our bodies release growth hormone at three different periods," explains Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum.

8)  Keep your hair out of your face

While we put a lot of time and attention into our evening skincare routines, we frequently ignore the importance of preparing our hair for sleep. If you want to protect your long hair, gather your hair into a simple style to keep it from rubbing against your pillow and becoming frizzy or damaged. It's also necessary if you want to improve your skin's health. Keeping your hair away from your face keeps the oil off your skin.

The best way to avoid sleeping directly on top of your hair while lying down is to wrap it up in a loose bun on the top of your head. White Trousseau's silk turban and scrunchies are the perfect solution for that! 

9)  Silk beddings are a treat for your skin

Silk sleeping linens are luxurious. The smooth surface of silk pillowcases, as opposed to ordinary cotton, minimizes the possibilities of morning creases on your face, which in turn reduces lifelong wrinkles.
Another advantage of silk in the beauty world is that, unlike most other bedding, it absorbs less moisture. Your hair and skin will retain the advantages of your favorite serums for an extra bit of overnight hydration if you don't draw moisture away from them. Silk fibers have natural antibacterial characteristics, which can assist to reduce bacterial build-up and keep your sheets more hygienic.
Are you looking for a high-quality silk bedding? White Trousseau presents a collection of silk bedding that will give your bedroom a touch of brilliant elegance.

10) Build healthy habits

Take care of yourself and strive to stay as stress-free as possible. Have you ever observed that you break out more when you're stressed? This is due to the fact that stress leads your body to create cortisol and other hormones, which causes your skin to become oilier. Breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation are all good ways to relieve stress. You radiate more the more you meditate.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy activities to achieve the glowing skin you've always desired.

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