Why Should You Wear A Silk Face Mask?

Why Should You Wear A Silk Face Mask?

With the pandemic prompting everyone to wear a face mask at all times when we're out and about, you're bound to hear some horror stories of maskne (mask acne), irritation and other skin problems erupting from the prolonged amount of time we keep face masks on our faces. 

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Mask acne, or maskne, is a very common occurrence when wearing face masks. When you talk or breathe, hot air is expelled and tends to get trapped in your mask. When this happens, it creates the perfect environment for bacteria and yeast to grow. 

According to dermatologist Dr. Amy Kassouf, these bacterial imbalances, coupled with friction between your skin and the mask, can cause acne, fine pimples and pustules to appear around the nose and mouth.

While topical lotions and sunscreens might be able to contain and calm the irritation, sometimes they can even aggravate your skin, making things go from bad to worse. 

But what if there's a way to reverse the painful effects maskne caused, and go back to healthier and supple skin? We've got the answer right here: Silk face masks!

Why silk and not other materials?

Silk is a beautiful, buttery smooth and luscious fabric. Aside from its visual appeal, this magic fabric has so many health and beauty components that you'll be wishing you had known about it sooner! Here are some silk secrets you should know about if you're considering your first silk face mask. 

Silk face masks are hypoallergenic

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Due to its natural hypoallergenic properties, it's highly unlikely for you to have allergy problems! This is amazing news for people with allergies, asthma and other skin conditions like eczema. The quality of silk fabric ensures bacteria and germs don't thrive as your mask gets damper with hot air, and it also prevents reactions caused by dust or moisture!

Silk face masks have properties that are gentle on the skin

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While other fabrics go through extensive and vigorous processing with harsh chemicals, silk is expertly handled with proper craftsmanship, making it last much longer than other fabrics. Silk also has proteins from amino acids that naturally occur within the material, which is exactly what your skin needs to repair itself!

The smooth texture of silk allows it to easily glide over your skin, while other materials like cotton or synthetic fibers may pull on your skin, causing your skin to wrinkle or age much quicker.

Silk is also a very breathable and lightweight material because of the air pockets it contains, so wearing a silk face mask feels as light as air. Other face masks made of cotton or synthetic fabrics tend to feel heavy or hard to breathe through. 

Silk face masks are toxin-free

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As we mentioned earlier in the post, face masks can trap hot air which causes breakouts and irritation from bacteria and germs. However, silk face masks are naturally absorbent and will not retain any bacteria. So you can be assured that your skin is going to thrive once you make the switch to silk!

Silk face masks look as good as they feel

Singapore best-selling 100% Mulberry silk face mask products
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Wearing silk instantly makes your outfit look luxurious, which is what you deserve! If you're looking for an affordable face mask in Singapore, check out White Trousseau's best-selling 100% Mulberry silk face mask collection!

White Trousseau's silk face mask collection is made from 100% Mulberry silk and comes in all kinds of colors, including a filter and pouch to go together with your face mask. To top it off, White Trousseau offers customized embroidery options for you to embroider a name of your choice, giving your mask a touch of personalization!

Make the switch to silk today!

Now that you're armed with the best of silk, the final step for you to take is to make your first silk purchase! Do your skin, health and beauty a favor and make the switch to silk today! The future you will thank you. Besides, luxury living starts with none other than silk. 

For more silk products, pop by White Trousseau to check out our never-ending silk collection.

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