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White Trousseau

The Twist Mulberry Silk Headband | Lilac

The Twist Mulberry Silk Headband | Lilac

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A headband designed to keep your hair away from your face while you perform your daily glam routine, beauty sleep and working out

Having hair touching your skin can cause acne, breakouts, and all sorts of other skin problems in the long run. Because of this, White Trousseau created the twist silk headband to gently pull your hair back from your face, avoid tension that caused hair tangle and hair loss. The constant pulling can cause strands of your hair to break or fall out. Switch to silk headband to minimizing the damage to your hair.


  • Hypoallergenic (no more allergies!) 
  • Fewer tangles, creases, and breakages
  • Improve the quality of your beauty sleep and hair health
  • Soft and gentle for your hair!

Take the first step in self-care by investing in silk and make your move towards a lifestyle of endless comfort with White Trousseau!

Match it with our silk masks!

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Customer Reviews

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Smooth & not hair pulling!

I use this when doing skincare and it feels rlly nice wearing this because it doesn't pull my hair and makes me feel pretty! But remember to wash it once in a while!